The messages we receive into our idle mind space every moment of every day have an ongoing impact. A lot of the time they go unnoticed but subliminally add up to create a sense of worry, a sense of lacking in terms of wealth, health & body image.

They chip away at us to foster desires for goods, services, clothing and experiences that overwhelm us and leave us grasping for a sense of worth and contentment in our day to day lives. Daily newspaper headlines and clickbait titles use purposely volatile language to get a rise out of us and create annoyance, instant disgust and push agendas.

They keep us frustrated and create a narrative in our culture of everything being doomed and set up characters for us to blame, terrorists, refugees, politicians, the rich, the poor, those on benefits… it’s nothing new and nothing original to notice it but its effects on mental health in the digital age are really starting to show for a whole generation. Dream Harder is a project that aims to help people take back their idle mind space, to create their own billboards, own headlines and pick their own dreams.

It encourages people to write their own slogans, to keep their dreams and ambitions in the front of their minds and to know what to ignore, to see what is important to pay attention to and what language should only deserve a fleeting glance. With the advancement of Augmented Reality we move ever closer to technology that will allow us to have a digital layer on everything we see (via glasses, chips, contact lenses etc).

Inevitably someone will own that space, in the same way that we are followed by digital ads online that react to what interact with, companies and organisations will deliver messages, monitor our behaviour and collect data on a whole new and more invasive level. We all need to be aware of this and protect our minds, intentions and our data. We need to be aware of this happening and not go blindly into the night. We need to group together collectively and utilise the world wide web, the greatest tool girted to humanity for a millennia, to develop and evolve our behaviour, our world, our minds and step into the future with a positive story. We have unrivaled access to information, education and enlightenment via the digital world. We are undergoing the fastest development in human history, a pace so intense that each day offers an opportunity to rewrite the rules and the narrative of our times. Dream Harder as we dive deeper, go beyond the depths and jump into the deep end.

"A hit, a palpable hit. The combination of Northern declaiming vocals over tough widescreen producing on Dream Harder is right up my street" - Tom Robinson, BBC Introducing

“Epic rock like Muse with Mark E.Smith, John Cooper Clarke and a Northern Mike Skinner all mixing together to create that fully charged out-there sound.” - Chris Hawkins, BBC Radio 6 Music

“It’s another banger! I’’m a fan” - John Kennedy, Radio X