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Still assailing the starry heights, plugged directly into the Radio Clash antenna, Manchester collective Hello Cosmos’ continue their sonic bombardment with another post-punk and indie-dance assault on the senses and consciousness.

Cut and paste master Vids Invader serves up the second animated adventure for the ‘Run For President’ EP, with a new video for the second single to be cut from it ‘Frequency Fields’. 

Hallmarked with the transformative soundscapes and star-scudding sonic ingenuities that definitively blueprint the output of this Manchester collective, BBC6 Music’s Chris Hawkins, recently hailed 'Frequency Fields’ saying: “There’s something addictive about the lead-singer’s voice. A band who go big on statement and protest. A rabble rouser with lovely poppy harmonies that temper the anger.” 

Taking in the astral plane straddling psychedelia of the 60s, the low slung baggy-fied rhythms of the Mondays and the punch packing post-punk clout of the Fall, 'Frequency Fields' intercepts the disparate messages of trailblazers aeons past and re-routes them into a explosive new transmission of their own design.